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Founded in October, 2004, Jaden's Ladder is a non-profit organization that assists survivors of domestic violence with life-enhancing, post shelter programs and support that build confidence and foster self-reliance.

Our Name
The name "Jaden's Ladder" was selected for two reasons. First, Jaden means "God has heard". We believe the name "Jaden" highlights our commitment to mankind, helping those in need in times of trouble. The word "ladder" represents climbing to new heights and reaching one's goals, in this case, breaking the cycle of domestic violence, becoming an active member of the community and reaching new personal milestones.

Our Founders
The domestic violence cause is something that is very close to the heart of each of the Jaden's Ladder Founders: Oneta Bobbett, Jon Bobbett, Kristi Bartlett and Jim Anderson. Each of the Founders has dedicated themselves to the cause, amassing decades of community service experience. For one of the founders, Oneta Bobbett, this cause is more personal. Several years ago, Oneta found herself in an abusive relationship. Like many other domestic violence survivors, Oneta suffered from the self-doubt and confusion that often accompany an abusive relationship, wondering what she did wrong and how she could have ended up in an abusive situation. Over time, her relationship became progressively worse, and, in a matter of seconds, her boyfriend and long-time friend became her worst enemy. Her abuser, the man she thought she loved, beat and choked her. It was then that she believed she'd lose her life to his hands. Luckily, on that day, Oneta's sister was anxiously trying to contact her and sent police to her house when she felt "something was wrong". From that day on, Oneta vowed to get stronger and make better choices in life.

Today, it is each of the Founders' mission, along with all of the committee members and volunteers at Jaden's Ladder, to help domestic violence survivors become stronger and make life-enhancing choices and changes that promote happiness and well-being.

About the Organization
Jaden's Ladder is a non-profit New Hampshire corporation and is recognized as tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All cash or non-cash deductions are tax deductible as a charitable contribution to the full extent of the law. Jaden's Ladder will acknowledge receipt of all donations. Please contact your tax advisor for more information.
Jaden's Ladder is tax-exempt
501(c)(3) organization.